PhotoTagStudio (or shorter PTS) is a quick and easy tool to show, edit and create tags in digital photos.

A first look at PTS

PhotoTagStudio features an explorer-like look. You can browse your desktop and select files. As soon as a file is selected a thumbnail is displayed.

The different areas of the main window can be resized and some can be hidden, (e.g. in order to make the thumbnail a little bit bigger).

The different areas (described in the sections below) are shown on the right side of the window.

Left to the filename you can select files for batch processing. (e.g. write a city name to the IPTC-tag to all selected files).

The buttons below the thumbnail rotate the picture (You will not lose quality here, since this is only a change in the EXIF-orientation tag). Most viewers read this tag and show the picture correctly oriented.

What PhotoTagStudio can do for you

For more detailed information look at the features in the menu